Nicole & Mike – Life’s Full Circle

Some people you meet for a reason…sometimes in a time of need or for a purpose that is not always clear in the moment. We met Nicole in a time of need and as it turns out, for a purpose that has since become clear. Eighteen months ago, Nicole was at our side for the birth of our first child. She was our delivery nurse and we were the luckiest people in the world to have her that day. During the very long 14-hour delivery, we got to know Nicole, found out about her engagement and her wonderful fiancé, Mike. Not being able to help ourselves, we told Nicole all about us and our company. A few days later at a wedding show, Nicole found us, and the path to photographing her wedding began.

Looking back now on her beautiful June 11th wedding, it has become obvious that we met each other because we needed a kind, gentle and loving nurse to help us with our first delivery, and she needed a wedding photographer. She helped us through the most important day of our lives and we in turn did the same for her and Mike.

The photos below are just a glimpse of what was a spectacular wedding that was bursting at the seams with love from family and friends. We were lucky to have met Nicole and Mike the way we did, but we were honored to have been chosen as their wedding photographers.


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