Michael T Photography – The Photographers

Michael Tenaglia is the co-owner of Michael T Photography & Design Inc. and the principle photographer.  He has been in his field  for over 15 years starting when his passion for painting and artful expression  stemmed into the world of photography.  Long before digital photography became the norm, Michael worked with some of Toronto’s best photographers in all the major studios.  Using medium and large format cameras, Michael’s knowledge of photography is truly based in the very fundamentals and science of capturing a photograph.

A world traveller, Michael’s way of capturing unsuspecting people’s naked emotions is a talent that has been fine-tuned after years of observing different cultures.  His calming presence and quiet confidence comes from knowing that every photo he captures will be beautiful no matter what the circumstance or the conditions may be.  His passion for his work comes from the endless pursuit of the most amazing photograph he can capture.  His dedication to his craft comes from the soul of a true artist.

When asked which area of photography he enjoys the most – product, food, fashion, golf, real estate, jewelry, corporate events or weddings – Michael is always left stumped and compares picking one area over the others to picking his favorite camera…a nearly impossible task!  Every area has its challenges, and in them, their successes.

When in need of down time, Michael returns to painting.  The process of taking oil paint and making a memory appear on canvas is his original passion and the fire that lights every aspect of his life.


Sandra Grilo Tenaglia is the co-owner of Michael T Photography & Design Inc. and also a photographer.  After spending a few years in the corporate world in the public relations field, Sandra decided that funneling her creative energy into photography was the way to professional and personal happiness.  Along with her husband Michael, Sandra took an uncertain step into the world of business ownership and opened Michael T Photography.  Having a life-long love of weddings made wedding photography a natural and perfect fit and gave her an avenue for expression of her love of photography and of all things beautiful.

On the corporate side of photography, knowing the ins and outs of the corporate world has given Sandra the upper hand in working with the company’s corporate clients and insight into their tight timelines and budgets.