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Behind The Scenes with Rexall

Behind The Scenes with Rexall

This is one of my favourite kinds of photoshoots with one of my favourite clients, Rexall. I enjoy photographing products, everything from cosmetics, perfumes, and everything else that Rexall offers. When setting up a product shoot, the first thing I do is think about...

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Behind The Scenes with The Shoe Company

Behind The Scenes with The Shoe Company

I'm lucky to live in a city that has many options for studio rentals. My favourite is Album Studios, which I use for most of the photoshoots I can't do in my home studio. When considering a studio space to rent, keep in mind the amount of space you'll need for your...

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It’s the animal that always needs feeding, and photos are its favourite food. Does your brand’s social media need an update?


If you have an event, but don’t share any photos on social media, did it even happen? Great events require great pro photography.


Your virtual first impression is only as strong as your headshot. Show the world who you are with a pro photography.


Every product shot requires a specialized approach, lighting, and setup.  Professional photography will elevate your product and inspire your customers.


Press conferences, unveilings, award ceremonies, and countless other corporate events need the specialized touch of a pro photographer.


Photographs of your building or office can support your brand image and give clients a glimpse of your company culture. 


Authenticity is the secret-sauce of a brand’s success. Pro photography can help you showcase your brand the best way possible. 


More than capturing just a face, a professional portrait will capture your essence. Put your best self forward with pro portrait session.


Whether travelling for business or pleasure, capturing the beauty in the ordinary is my passion. 


Anyone can photograph a wedding, but only a pro can capture the magic of your special day. 


Your engagement session marks the beginning a new chapter, and an exciting path to your wedding. 


Golf tournaments offer not only the potential for fundraising, but also for future contact when paired with pro photography.

Meet the Michael Behind Michael T

Michael Tenaglia

Michael Tenaglia

Partner, Principal Photographer

Having 20 years of professional photography under my belt means that I’ve taken a lot of photos!  I’ve met some inspiring people, I’ve visited beautiful countries, and I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing companies doing incredible things. 

Being a professional photographer has allowed me to be creative every day and in every way possible. Although my creative pursuit started with oil painting, film photography soon became my medium of choice. Through photography, I’m able to capture the moments, feelings, and situations that speak words that could not be spoken otherwise.

Working with my clients to bring their creative vision to life fuels my passion to be, and give my best every day. The images I capture are an extension of that passion, and how I show the world the beauty in the unexpected.

Each person I photograph has an unspoken story waiting to be shared. My job as their photographer is to help them express that story, their truth, in the most authentic way possible. Helping each person feel calm, happy, and present is my talent and my gift to them during our photography session.

Together with my partner in business and life, Sandra Grilo, we created this company to live our story, our truth, and our passion every day.

We hope to share it with you too!

Client Praise

Michael is always tops our list of photographers for any or all of our photoshoot needs. He is knowledgeable, reliable, patient, and provides thorough communication – which is most important to us. He is very prompt in responding to our inquiries and is always flexible.
His passion for what he does is what sets him apart and it always shows in the way he engages his clients. His amazing people skills is what helps capture the quality of photos that we are looking for.
The best part is, we can always rely on him to help us meet our tight deadlines and still give us the shots that we need. Michael has exceeded our expectations time and again, and will always be our photographer of choice.

Khristina Javier

Donor Relations Coordinator, North York General Foundation

As the owner of an agency, and as someone who has worked with Michael for over 15 years, there are 3 reasons I keep coming back. Personality, professionalism, and above all the finished product. Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, teams need to work together, long days on a shoot need to go smoothly, and clients often need extra care. Michael is a fantastic people person. He’s patient, friendly and a pleasure to be around. Work also needs to happen on schedule. Michael is a consummate professional. Showing up and delivering on time, working within the constraints of the schedule and the budget, he gets the job done. Finally, the finished product. From national print campaigns, to staff headshots and everything in between, Michael’s work speaks for itself. Our team and our clients have never once been anything other than thoroughly impressed with the outcome of Michael’s effort. If you are looking for great work, delivered by a great person, look no further.

Neil Follett

President, Brightworks

What can I say about Michael and his work? He’s awesome! Our agency first hired Michael to shoot our company headshots. He organized everything from make-up to scheduling and made the entire shoot an enjoyable day for everyone. Even our CFO said, “Where did you find this guy? He’s a keeper!”. It was then when I spent time with him that I realized he did so much more than just amazing headshots. We have also used Michael for product and device photography which was perfectly lit and gave the devices the “hero” look we needed. Our derma filler client also loved his photography and his 360˚ approach set their brand apart. His incredible work is also complimented by his easy-going & professional personality. I highly recommend Michael for your next photography job - call him or you don’t know what you’re missing.

Kirk Rubi

Creative Director, CPC Healthcare