This was a very cool photo shoot I had done for one of my longtime and favourite clients BrightWorks.
This photoshoot was set up at Sunnybrook Hospital to photograph this fantastic robotic arm that assists the surgical team during surgeries.

This was a two-day shoot – I had the second day, and the team from LOOKOUT Content had done the video work the first day.

I had gone on the first day to scout out the location to see what the available lighting was like and space. I think one of the most important things to do for a shoot is to take a look at the location before the shoot and be prepared. This helps with know what kind of lighting gear to take and how much you may need.

I find that I always take more than I need just to be safe.

For this shoot, I brought along my three Profoto D2 500w heads and all the lighting stands I would need.

I’ve done photographs in operating rooms before, and I’ve always found the available lighting to be great…especially the lights that are over the operating tables that you can articulate and move around to direct to where you want it. So I used the available lighting and supplemented it with some fill from my Profoto D2500w just to open up the shadowy areas in the room.

When it comes to the camera, I use the Sony a7iii…it’s fairy new camera for me. I’ve made the transition from my 25+ years of using Nikon to Sony, and it’s just been great! That will have to be for another blog post.

I shoot tethered to my laptop so that my clients can see a real-time live view of what the images will be. I find that it is a great way to shoot, it saves time, and you also know what you’re getting and the clients’ approval.

I’ll be doing more blog posts on shooting on locations, and some of the challenges and gear that I like to use.

Camera: Sony a7iii
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN | Art, Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 Lens
Lighting: Profoto D2 500w
Laptop: Mac Air
Hard drives: LaCie Rugged 1TB USB-C